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Elevate the customer journey and empower the sales force

Lumentric drives a higher win-rate and faster closures by empowering the sales force, using interactive product information and customer collaboration with unique sales journey insights.

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A functional scope covering the end-to-end sales process


Simple creation of dynamic presentations leveraging existing assets and data


Enable fast, intuitive and continuous customer interactions.


Easy to request a quote or connect to existing eCom


Actionable insights in the sales process, customer behaviour, performance and content usage

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Enlightening sales experiences

Many B2B companies struggle to empower the sales force with digital capabilities. Today digital transformation is mostly focused on eCom and Web, leaving the sales reps without any new digital customer facing interaction tools. Only a minor part of the sales within B2B companies is digital, instead the predominant part of sales is generated by the sales reps on the field.

Lumentric is accelerating the next generation digital transformation by integrating the digital world with the physical sales force. Lumentric actually opens a true B2B omni-channel for the first time!

The customers will also be empowered by interactive digital capabilities – free to view, interact and make a purchase at any time. Always having the relevant and correct information at the right time – making it easy for the customer to evaluate and buy.


Leverage your existing digital ecosystem


Take the PIM, DAM and CMS to the next level by adding a customer facing dimension.


Make the sales rep’s admin easier and enrich the CRM system by automatically collecting and providing new and unique customer journey data points.


Reduce administration overhead and give your customers the convenience they crave by leveraging your eCom solutions in novel ways.

The Company

Lumentric is a SaaS company providing disruptive revenue-generating solutions for B2B companies. With globally leading enterprises as customers, Lumentric is currently expanding rapidly. The founders leverage decades of experience from a unique combination of driving digital transformations and creating innovative sales and marketing solutions in the B2B sphere. Lumentric is based in Malmö, Sweden, but work with a globally distributed core team.

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